“In its Fourth Edition, UCHID counts as one of the biggest conferences on a scientific basis level. From its very first step started on 2018, and still, its goal was to unify all efforts for exchanging experiences and skills. All to support the scientific research progress to set out the best patient experience”. This was “Prof. Amgad El Zahby”, UCHID General Secretary, inspiring words with his encouraging spirit for this year’ conference in its most recent successful version.

UCHID – United conference of Hepatogastroeneterology and infectious diseases 2021 was standing on the peak! It undergone every Hepatogastroenterology and infectious diseases field changes as physicians were in desperate need for guidance and awareness for the recent updates of this specialty. In particular, hepatitis C curing updates, dealing with the increase of metabolic liver diseases and liver cancer worldwide, the new innovative concepts for liver diseases released recently and the huge emerge of hepatitis B.

The conference brought together all clinicians, scientists and more than 24 university and hepatogastro- enterology associations to give them a proper ground to discuss the front-line updates of hepatology, gastroenterology, infectious diseases and related disciplines while emphasizing the newest ways of digital transformation. The conference was endorsed from many international associations as EASL, ACG and many other!

7000+ attendee made the most of each day of the conference and each single session presented by any of the eminent 300+ local speaker or the 80+ international ones, from Asia, Africa, Europe and USA. While our team members exerted every inch of effort they had to provide a professional, suitable and systematized environment to this huge number of dedicated physicians whom put their trust in ICOM, and we as usual, know how to worth this trust!