Enjoy The Experience

T.E.D is one of the unique services developed through ICOM’s experience in organizing international conferences all over the world.T.E.D focuses on several services that provide and update researchers with the upcoming international educational events and help seekers by facilitating and processing all travel issues required to attend the event, further to giving special offers.



T.E.D is an excellent product designed to offer a full service for group or individual travelers, you can always rely on it to manage end-to-end logistics for your trip.  Our team will always be in charge to reassure the traveler through a close follow up, quick response and updating traveler with any changes that occur.

T.E.D’s Services are:

ICOM Group is considered a trusted charter partner with The ‘Ethical MedTech’ since September 2018.  Through T.E.D, we will always be ready to act as your trusted partner in the following destinations; Middle East – GULF – LEVANT – USA – Europe – Africa, to manage your educational grants during forthcoming events.

We can provide services before, during and after the traveler trip, such as: