ICOM Group & Hilton Green Plaza
Successful Business Partnership

At ICOM Group, we have extensive experience producing virtual & hybrid events that give our audience a branded, multisensory, immersive experience. With advancements in 3D imaging and virtual reality, the virtual event experience can be so much more than watching a web-hosted PowerPoint presentation. We use top-of-line tools to give our guests an experience that looks and feels just like a live event.

We had the pleasure to organize the 13th Annual Conference of Neuropsychiatry Department – Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University at Hilton Green Plaza Hotel from 24 – 26 Feb. 2021. During this Hybrid event, our team of experts utilized the previews of Hilton Green Plaza Hotel on the 3D platform in order to provide a real & interactive experience to our virtual viewers so that they can have many of the same options to participate and engage as the physical attendees.

We frequently rely on our business associates to help and support us in various business activities. The fruitful collaboration between ICOM Group & Hilton Chain had been lasting for years, due to various reasons:

1. Sharing the same values:

The most successful partnerships are those that feel like a natural fit.

2. Guest Oriented:

Hilton looks at the experiences, services, and products that our audience will consider appealing and valuable.

3. Dare to be Different:

The best partnerships are often those that give customers a unique experience that they can’t find anywhere else and make guests feel like they’re receiving something genuinely exclusive.

4. A true collaborator:

Hilton has always been a great collaborator that truly acts as a partner. Understanding our business objectives and brand identity just as well as ICOM understands theirs. From the outset, it’s was vital for our business partnership to be clear on their expectations to ensure a fruitful relationship.

We greatly appreciate the time & effort invested from the professional team of Hilton in making our conference a great success.

We look forward to successful and high-level cooperation in the following years.