Strategic Review Meetings

The path towards organizational health starts with a solid foundation and direction. It starts with adapting our current strategic priorities and roadmap to be more agile, flexible, and directional.

Agile strategic planning requires clear, bold direction from the leadership team. Organizations may have defined their destination previously, but given the state of the world, the leading team might need to shift or adjust their goals. Creating an agile plan requires shifting to processes that measure the health of your organization in real-time.

Since the beginning of August 2021, ICOM Management Team started organizing few cross functional meetings focusing on gathering the teams to review the organization’s strategic performance in order to keep the momentum on strategy execution. Not to be confused with our standard operational and tactical meetings, strategy review meetings intentionally remove tactical problem solving so our team can take a step back and see how they trending against their strategic roadmap for success.

“These review meetings are the key to building the team, learning together, solving problems, working on specific issues, and reinforcing the company’s culture, initiatives and goals” said Ahmed Ramadan – Deputy Director Operation Division

Our quarter review meetings are certainly part of the current meeting mix and are essential to the success of our organization. In fact, they’re also essential to the success of our strategic planning for a few key reasons.

First, these review meetings allow the team dedicated time to focus on the actions and tasks the organization is currently facing. These meetings are the groundwork that drives the team to problem-solve and execute the short-term actions in a limited time.

“We shouldn’t forget to integrate a positive spirit to our meetings, that’s why we usually share one victory and one thing we’re thankful for to kick off our review meetings. Effective meetings start off with positive energy that carries through the entire monthly meeting agenda” said Hazem Nabil – Deputy Director Events Management Division  

Holding review meetings with our teams are arguably the most critical component for a successful strategic management process. They allow our team to report on their progress against the plan, make changes, and establish strategic focus for the next 30 days (monthly reviews) or the next 90 days (quarterly reviews).

Some of our achievements during these meetings:

  • Meetings Duration     : 5 Days
  • Topics    : +20 New Projects.           
  • Attendees     : +120 Employees.             

 “We think that without these meetings and highlighting our strength & weakness points every quarter, the focus and alignment created during the initial planning process will be all but lost”, said Mr. Ali Soliman – Chief Financial Officer.

It’s an opportunity for ICOM Team to gather, refocus everyone’s attention, and be really clear about what our organization is accomplishing over the next period to achieve the vision of success.