Second International conference of Egyptian Railways Medical Services

The COVID-19 crisis has tested resilience and agility of the health systems all over the world in an unprecedented way, it highlighted the great solidarity, inventiveness and resilience of the Medical Teams in every Healthcare entity. The workforce proved their strength and how they fought fiercely the pandemic on ground. On another hand, the healthcare was worn out from the challenges they surprisingly faced through that pandemic. Physicians were all focusing on acknowledging the updates of COVID-19, treatments, medicines etc… Physicians needed a wrap up! They needed to have a round about the world’s updates and changes in many specialties while we’re moving into the next phase of the fight against COVID-19.

The “Second International conference of Egyptian Railways Medical Services” was created to fulfill those needs! Held on the 13th-14th of January 2022 as the best kick off for 2022. The conference was a great opportunity for knowledge accumulation and sharing of information as it aimed to reduce the incidence of occupational diseases, maintain the public and professional health.

Management of COVID-19 patients, Cardiothoracic& cardiology sessions, plastic surgeries newest updates and various discussions about Miscellaneous and Hepatocellular carcinoma were all opportunities to the delegates in the conference to dig deep into, learn from, and share their knowledge about. The two days were condensed yet limitlessly informative.

“Creating the 2nd version of International conference of Egyptian Railways Medical Services was a pleasure to anyone who put input in, we exerted huge efforts to launch such an extraordinary model especially through all those challenges and obstacles we had to face through the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, we reap the results of our efforts.” – Prof. Atef Emam, Conference President.

Additionally, we had the pleasure of having Minster of Transportation “Kamel El- Wazir” in the opening ceremony of the conference with his encouraging words “Welcoming you to the Second International conference of Egyptian Railways Medical Services with its huge advancement and unique period of enhancements, which cope with Egypt’s overall improvements, changes and big steps.”

400+ attendee were witnessing all the success and accomplishments happened during those 2 days, also ICOM team efforts to make those accomplishments appear to the light of the day! Of-course with the dedication of 60+ speakers and the respected board members. Ending this huge success story with an outstanding Gala Dinner placed in “Abdeen Palace” with 100+ attendee to celebrate this remarkable success all together and recognize all the efforts exerted.