Rhino Masters 2021

Covid-19 directly attack many organs and had many side effects on the infected patients, it caused a huge twist in many specialties and left physicians with many unanswered questions about how to deal with the symptom’s effects. Rhinology was one of the main specialties that got that shock, due to the attack of the virus to the ENT system.  Physicians needed to do much research and studies to cope with those updates and to find solutions or answers.

800+ physicians had a commitment to finding the answers for those unanswered questions which Corona pandemic generated. And they took their first step by attending “Rhino Masters 2021” to acknowledge the sophisticated pearls and new scientific advancements from the latest studies or from other colleagues’ valuable experience in Rhinology practice.

The conference was definitely wealthy! The distinguished board members and the 15+ international speakers variously from Africa, Asia, Europe, or the Middle East generated a very unique scientific content presented in different sessions covering ENT surgeries, defects and making them better, COVID 19 management and discussions about the best clinical practices, everything was conclusive!

Accordingly, we and the proficient board were able to accredit the conference from” The American Association of Continuing Medical Education®” by designating a medical education activity for a maximum of 17.25 hours in the Category 1 credit of the Association’s Designation. We could not leave a bite of add-ups that will help leave our attendees with no need behind.

Unbeatable energy-filled ICOM team members’, energy to reach a flawless conference, accurate program, rich scientific content, prominent speakers even an outstanding Gala Night! Pride occupied the atmosphere after launching such a successful event, Looking forward to many years of Rhino Masters with that level of perfection.