Rhino Egypt 2022

In the early weeks of the pandemic, rhinologists were considered to be at high risk of infection. And through the past 2 years they had to exert huge efforts to be well updated with the impact of COVID-19 on the ENT system and how that hit made various changes in observing the ENT diseases. External learning had weaved itself into the industry and society as a mainstream, no doubts that all physicians needed a trusted source to learn and be updated from.

On another hand, Rhino Egypt had been there for consecutive 28 years providing studies, solutions, discoveries and pioneering innovations. The experiences gathered in Rhino Egypt Conference have a lasting impact on service provision within the rhinology field, it turned into an initial source for most clinicians. And this year’s version was a wrap up for all distinguished achievements of last ones, paving the way for more and more achievements and accomplishments.

2k+ physician attended this years’ version. Through 3 condensed informative days, there were various sessions, lectures and discussions concerning Cadaver Dissection, Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Skull Base and Chronic Rhinosinusitis. There were other interesting ones that covered up all about Sleep Surgery & Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Rhinoplasty and Tumors also! Not to forget to mention that maxillofacial studies and therapies were perfectly presented too. That remarkable scientific program was executed by more than 50 Regional speaker and 60 international ones. It was definitely a recap of accomplishment and a kick off for new achievements!

“It’s my great pleasure to celebrate the opening of the 28th Rhino Egypt Conference. After many years of success, failures, efforts and dedication, the result is that extraordinary version of Rhino Egypt. That gathering gives us a lot of experience and knowledge, and of course a chance to appreciate all the local and international support” Prof. Reda Kamel – Conference President.

ICOM had always put that masterpiece, Rhino Egypt, as one of its main priorities and factors of success. Our team worked nights and days to execute this version in that extraordinary form and were extremely proud to see the satisfaction of the attendees and of course the pride the Conference Board, felt after reaching this huge success.

Eminent Guests Testimonials: