PCR Peripheral Course

Education programs took a huge twist in the previous decades, physicians tend to go for new education programs that will add value to their careers and experience.  Moreover, ICOM never failed to fit in any physician’s needs or requirements.

PCR Peripheral Course which is an educational program in Peripheral Interventions Aortoiliac, Femoro Popliteal & below the knee procedures, took place on the 18th of September in Triumph Luxury Hotel, Cairo and acted as a golden opportunity for cardiologists to interact through sessions undertaking complex procedures, cases review sessions facilitated by experts and ending the day with full awareness about the current knowledge and the optimal management strategy for each patient and case, adding that the knowledge of applying the optimal treatment strategy considering the individual’s clinical situation.

The course was under the operation and supervision of 5 prominent professors. Who shared every inch of information with the attendees and uncovered many obstacles with some supreme solutions, the 300+ attendee was very interactive throughout the whole day and carried out all the information perfectly!

And on behalf of ICOM team, we would like to deeply appreciate Prof. Hazem Khamis, Course director, for his tremendous efforts throughout the preparation and execution period, ICOM’s team members would not accomplish such success without the huge support from all course directors.