Nephro Military Conference

The first Nephro Military Conference in Egypt was on fleek! The conference was the first of its type to be hosted by the Military Medical Academy to cover the updates of the nephrology field and discuss day-to-day cases with the audience while focusing on the kidney diseases caused by battles and the newest ways of transplantation. It was the best kick-off to the conference with 30+ speaker and 500+ attendee besides the ideal military & civilian board members.

Taking place on the 16th till the 18th of September 2021, Helnan Palestine Hotel, the conference main objectives were to improve the Quality of Science and knowledge about nephrology, cover various fields of nephrology and provide physicians with up-to-date disease management & treatment modalities. Endorsing Critical cases discussions, Renal transplantation, kidney aspects, and its disorders sessions and accredited scientific hours from AACME.

Dr.Essam Abdelaziz, Conference President, quoted “ Our goal was to give the chances of the new generation to expose their efforts and discover new opportunities by uncovering challenging debates and discussions about real selected cases we’ve faced and succeed in curing. With a strong field in Egypt like nephrology, we have a duty to reach all general staff of nephrologists through conferences like Nephro Military.”

Another encouraging message from Dr.Mostafa Noshey, Vice Conference President, “This conference is the first Military Nephrology conference in 14 years, established in a very organized and rich version while concentrating on the day to day cases and most importantly presenting Kidney disease real cases caused by filed battels and how to deal with it correctly. Finally, ICOM had exceeded my expectations in turning this conference into reality and defining it in an ideal way”

We, ICOM Group, are very proud to be part of the very first steps of such an extraordinary conference that, surely, will keep flourishing year after year. Also, we trust our team members’ efforts and dedication to take each project to the supreme level of professionalism and success.