Menoufia Diabetes

The Department of Diabetes and Endocrinology – Menoufia University launched a very successful event, the “Annual Conference of Diabetes and Endocrinology” in its 14th edition and we, ICOM Group, definitely had the pride to be hosting such an important event especially right after the tragic hit of Covid-19 through 2020 and still leaving its prints along 2021. And despite all of the challenges encountered, ICOM team was able to create this year’s conference on a stable, safe and adequate grounds.

This year conference was a chance for diabetic doctors and endocrinologists to update their knowledge, reflect on their skills and share their learning experiences. Throughout two significant scientific days, each delegate was able to discuss the new guidelines of the management of diabetic dyslipidemia, diabetes and its direct relation to kidneys, heart and pregnancy, also be fully aware of the new anti-diabetic drugs in the Egyptian market.

“I personally have the pleasure to be running the presidency of the “Annual Conference of Diabetes and Endocrinology” in its 14th edition, with a huge increase in the number of speakers compared to previous years especially the international ones, all the way long from USA and KSA. I am thankful for each and everyone who had an impact in creating this edition” quoted Prof. Mohamed Abdel Raouf.

All of which could not be turned into reality without the tremendous efforts and support of the Conference President “Prof. Mohamed Abdel Rauof” and his proficient board members. Leaving this year’s conference, a remarkable one with more than 900+ attendee,  3 international speakers and 40+ national ones.

Finally, on behalf of ICOM group, we would like to show our gratitude to be part of such an exceptional event, feeling so much proud of our team members whom were a reason of this great success.