Media Production

ICOM is well-known with it’s Media Production Team, we have been active in the Egyptian and Gulf Market for several years, providing our services for the clients with excellence, dedication and passion.

We simply aim to create Media including any type of communication, information or entertainment intended for a large audience. ICOM Media Production Team will be responsible for everything in your event from the initial concept of the project to completion. 

Our services include

Taking full charge for the Audiovisual setup within the Event Hall.

We constantly provide new ways to deliver non-stop live video coverage. With ICOM’s advanced technology solutions more options are available for live news and event coverage.

The place where the speakers submit their presentations. 

Using our high tech tools, our Media Production Team works on recording and editing the most challenging surgeries to be presented during the conferences

Modern businesses needs modern tools.  Our team provides the client with the power to connect with their audience wherever they are.  Get flawless,  secure, live streaming for your conferences, workshops and everything in between.

Recording all presentations (audio/video) so as the audience can benefit from them anytime.

Our Team creates customized Mobile Applications for the events audience to enable their continuous virtually interactions along the year.

Our Media Production Team has the skills to create Top Hits Videos aiming to promote for the conferences and events through social media using live footage & inserts.

Creating an Interactive System to allow speakers to engage all participants, uplift conversations and track workshops effectiveness.

Creating infographic animated videos to illustrate the clients products using some interactive motions and features.

Recording the speaker’s presentation or speech to present it during the conference after applying the necessary editing and modifications. Webinar service is an excellent choice to:

  • Audience Engagement.
  • Onboard and train employees.
  • Share your ideas and sell your hard-skill knowledge.
  • Run online Events, Business Meetings or Workshop.

We will bring your online audience directly to the event with ease. Creating multiple discrete audio tracks of audio for different outputs and streams. From conferences and seminars to workshops and everything in between, Wirecast is the perfect tool for streaming and producing your live events with the excitement and efficiency you need.