Intervention Champions Club

For the sake of improving performance and promoting a healthy debate among physicians, EGIC “the Intervention Working Group of Emirates Cardiac Society” organized a very unique occasion to cardiologists of the middle east aiming to gather the best challenging intervention cases in the region by submitting, reviewing and evaluating them through a very professional and up to date online portal. 180+ delegate from more than 20 countries gathered together to learn from each other’s experiences and daily incidents, and knowing how to avoid, be prepared and solve any future obstacles.

Through Intervention Champions Club, a large online library is built just to be a reference for all interventionists in the region. It gave a chance to hundreds of interventionists to get the opportunity to share and spread knowledge, tactics and practices and push each delegate to become more experienced, drive engagement and contribute with personal insights and perspectives. Many cases were presented and lots of digging happened in Coronary interventions, Interventions valvular disease, heart failure, stroke or hypertension diseases!

Having ten structural heart disease cases in a month was really fruitful. Five accepted cases were addressed at the Intervention Champions Club’s enlightening hours, and two winners received valuable awards.