Intervention Champions Club

Education is innovation, and our side of the play requires to be creative and modernized all the way; therefore we were very proud to be part of the “Intervention Champions Club” organized by EGIC -the Intervention Working Group of Emirates Cardiac Society-, it’s main aim is to gather the best challenging intervention cases in the region to be submitted, reviewed and evaluated through an online portal and executed in a hybrid version that happens to be once every quarter.0

This quarter’s Hybrid event took into consideration the interventions for peripheral, valvular &heart diseases, hypertension, and stroke interventions, While the candidates participated, each had a chance to present their work, attend healthy debates, discuss the best cases and contribute with their vision. The competition was held in rival spirits and everyone had the chance to present their best cases and be an important pillar in building the largest online library for interventionists. The 18th of September was a remarkable day in the history of the champions club, aiming to keep evolving day after day to be the largest online intervention library and the most challenging competition!