ICOM Transforms Physical to Virtual Events and Maximize Event Outcomes


Online events aren’t new, but converting a large conference into a remote event, within hours or days in some cases, is fairly novel.  As an industry leader in Egypt & the Middle East, ICOM had a backup plan ready to put into action in order to coupe with this challenging time that we are experiencing nowadays.

The main focus was to help our attendees take part in one-on-one sessions and a slew of activities from anywhere in the world.  So we designed some online programs that feature pre-recorded and live-stream events and sessions that attendees can view the latest debuts at their convenience.

Our business agenda during the past 5 weeks was extremely busy, we succeeded to hold +30 webinars with a total number of +10K participants from +30 countries, spending +20 hrs enjoying fruitful online sessions and workshops with 50 inspiring speakers and experts.

Our Technical and Operation Teams worked hard on developing 3 advanced software in order to deliver a seamless live streaming experience, as our main priority is to ensure the audience’s satisfaction. Giving our clients and sponsors their due has been another worry, but ICOM’s Technical Team addressed that by splashing their information on all references to each session. Gladly, the feedback from the clients and sponsors after the webinars were very positive, that’s why the total number grew to reach 70 societies and companies.

One of the recent events we feel proud of is the “ESH Highlights” that was held on 2 waves beginning of April 2020.  The key element that contributed in the success of this virtual event was the highly talented and energetic team of ICOM who supervised all its technical aspects and requirements. 

During the coming 4 weeks, our teams are prepared to launch 50 webinars in addition to a new online educational portal aiming to increase the attendance engagement and satisfaction – said Dr. Ahmed El Shal, ICOM Chairman.

We believe that the Events Industry will come back stronger and even more innovative than ever.  As integrating digital elements, such as hybrid events, webcasts and AR in an event strategy has become crucial for a successful outcome: the events of tomorrow are already coming to light.

It is without a doubt a tough time for business and economies all around the world and everyone is monitoring and being mindful about the COVI-19 situation, but with every challenge comes opportunity and we believe that people and businesses will find innovative ways to overcome those challenges in no time. It is our human nature to thrive and rise above the challenge.