A return to how life was at the start of 2020 is some way off. Even when lockdown restrictions are eased, coronavirus will affect our social & business lives in many ways.

The current outlook for the event industry is still a complex one; the new normal of events looks challenging. Venues are looking at all available options to prepare for a potential re-opening.  The future is surely small outside of virtual events, although it will never fully replace the real-life experience, however virtual events are a perfect substitute for the lock-down lives we are currently living in.

ICOM Agenda was exceptionally full during June including many virtual events 35+ Webinars addressing simultaneous types of industries and medical specialties, such as: CardioMetabolic, EAVA Summit, ENT wave II, DGIS, Nephrology ESNT, UCHID wave II…and the list goes on. 

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-30 at 12.27.00 PM

60+ hrs of continues knowledge flow 30K+ Participants & Keynote Speakers from the US, Europe, Asia and Africa honored us with their participation and active discussions. 

Our webinars records are rising up significantly as we have implemented 120+ Webinars since the beginning of March 2020 till date.



ICOM Team was very happy to receive such positive feedbacks from our happy & satisfied customer & clients:

“ It was indeed a great webinar, thanks to your meticulous operation, outstanding faculty and to the support of the ACC, the Egyptian Society of Cardiology and PASCAR ”
Dr. Habib Gamra
“ I would like to thank ICOM Team for making this a smooth experience. I also wish to thank all the panelists sincerely for making this a fruitful and extremely enjoyable webinar ”
Dr. Ahmed El Guindy
“ It was a pleasure to attend. I enjoyed very much the sessions and the discussions – thanks for the invitation ”
Dr. Beikem Bozkurt, President HFSA
“ I very much appreciated your invitation and the opportunity to participate in your online experience. Hope to meet you soon in-person ”
Mr. Javed Butler
“ That was a wake-up call for us in Africa, I didn’t realize how much we were missing out in, if we can organize such a highly educational event in the continent which went flawless thanks to all involved ”
Dr. Awad Mohamed



Although June was a very successful month for us, but it wasn’t an easy one though. And here is why?!

The challenge: Events Planners are facing now the excessive availability of virtual events platforms with its diverse quality levels, some of them are poor and others are very high quality, and the experience of the attendee is subject to this one-time chance, either you grab his attention or you lose him for good.  

The Solution: Creating a life experience for our clients is never an easy mission, that’s why we rely on our active Research & Development and Events Management Teams to build the best event program and platform features in order to guarantee a smooth and unforgettable event experience.

Our ultimate goal will always be to design an online community platform that is built to attract, engage and retain our key audiences.