Heart Failure Summit

For doctors, learning never stops. And why it should?!

This world, more so medically, has seen tremendous change in the past few decades. There are new diseases coming to the fore. There are new discoveries happening. Someone is inventing a new drug for life-threatening diseases. There is new research on deadly viruses. And so on. 

That’s why creating the ‘Heart Failure Summit – HFS’ Educational Program was an intelligent idea to transmit all the advances of the Heart Failure Guidelines to the Egyptians physicians. This project main goal was to obtain additional knowledge and enrich the delegates professional development.

The objectives of organizing the HFS were as follows:

  1. Discussing the ‘ESC’ new guidelines.
  2. Providing physicians with up-to-date disease management and treatment modalities.
  3. Updating physicians with the needs of their patients & the health service.
  4. Improving the quality of science and knowledge of the Heart Failure Diseases in Egypt (Acute and Chronic).

The attendees made the most of the practice and knowledge through the Clinical Guidelines and Case Presentations held as they were able to promote efficient & effective patient management and engage with junior physicians in activities to improve their knowledge and practice.