Heart Failure Program

Heart failure (HF) remains a major cause of mortality, morbidity, and poor quality of life. It is an area of active research. Our dynamic team of ICOM supported in the organization of one of the high-profile events, the “Heart Failure Program” that took place last Friday dated Sep. 10th for 2 consecutive days.

This remarkable hybrid event was tailored to provide its audience with the most comprehensive review of the latest advances in heart, smart approach for Hyperkalemia management, state of the art management of chronic HF, update on devices and valvular heart disease. Cardiovascular treatments continue to evolve and change rapidly. This requires a robust commitment to continuing medical education. And most importantly discussing the latest evidence of heart failure and in particular the new guidelines that have been released during the annual conference of the “European Society of Cardiology – ESC”.

The event targeted around 1000+ cardiologists, international and regional professionals to yield effective teams working together to identify, avoid and resolve cardiovascular issues.  And what made the event more value is the complete support of the Emirates Cardiac Society and Gulf Heart Association in collaboration with the Heart Failure Association