Heart Failure Advanced Course

Despite the advancement in medicine, the management of heart failure (HF) has been always a challenge to healthcare providers. As it is indeed a complex disease and so far, has been a major cause of illness in many countries. Healthcare providers, including hospitals, clinics, physicians, and surgeons, are in need of guidance in medical codes for procedures, diagnosis, updates, and a trusted go-to for their questions.

Heart Failure Advanced course in its newest edition met up with all healthcare providers’ requests and needs. In a condensed two days, lots of sessions, live demos, and panels were set about the latest updates and reviewing the current medical therapy for advanced heart failure. More than 600 delegates knew the current management of advanced heart failure and addressed the new therapies and strategies for selecting and optimizing new or already available treatments. Also, imaging and how can such a procedure improve risk stratification in heart failure cases, biomarkers and Ejection Fraction Conundrum updates, and the newest ways.

8 International speakers, 70 national ones aside of the CVRREP Board Members, all collaborated to reach that unique outcome and marking the 3rd and 4th of February as a memorable day in the field of heart failure and also for ICOM Group team members, a day we crossed lots of challenges and reached lots of outcomes that we’re definitely proud of.