GROPART Event: Recognizing our long history of fostering partnerships with Stakeholders

At ICOM Group, we are confident in developing strong stakeholders’ relationships because they are a critical component in the development of a successful business. It is what allows both organizations to thrive and grow. These connections are what keep the world turning and the economy growing. There would be no successful business if both entities did not work together. And, because we understand how important the relationship between stakeholders and ICOM Group is, as we can’t do business without one another. As a result, this year’s business gathering was all about growing partnerships with our stakeholders, which is how the event name came about: “GRO/PART”—Growing Partnerships.


Because we understand the majority of our stakeholders’ mindsets, we know the events that keep them engaged pique their interest. This can only be accomplished through hands-on stations and pavilions where they can see and understand things for themselves. That’s how the concept for the GROPART event arose. The primary goal of the top management was to introduce our full range of products and affiliates to the market through marketing, branding, positioning, engagement, lead generation, product awareness, and surveying. All objectives were met in a single event held at the end of January 2022.


Our teams were able to showcase 20 products in 10 pavilions representing innovation, digital transformation, technology, engagement, stakeholder retention, sustainability, and medical insights. Attendees included 50+ Key Opinion Leaders from supporters and fundraisers, as well as 100+ associations, banks, hotels, and suppliers. Their journey to the event began with a meeting with ICOM officials to discuss future business opportunities and present the company’s capabilities, followed by a tour of the exhibition. Each journey lasted about 35 min, with a nearly 2 min stop in each pavilion to get acquainted with the product.


Each pavilion covered a wide range of topics, starting with the legacy pavilion, which reflected ICOM’s history since its beginning in 1998, the number of events organized, the number of countries we operated in around the world, and the various affiliates and partners of ICOM.

The Innovation pavilion displayed the company’s new projects, conceptualization, design, and branding, as well as media production services.  The Digital Transformation was demonstrated thru the company’s most recent digital projects, such as the Universal Experts Studio, E-Learning, and E-Finance. The Engagement pavilion featured the Association Management, Project Support & Networking services. The team emphasized their capabilities and how the services they offer cover all stages of the business marketing cycle. This service assists the client in reaching, growing, connecting, and engaging with the appropriate target audiences, as well as promoting brands, products, and messages.

The Association Management team, explained how they use the power of communities to strengthen the association’s brand through unforgettable experiences – fostering change, inspiring members, educating, and improving the association’s business performance.

One of the event’s biggest hits was the part where we introduced our affiliates and partners:

Expand (a member of ICOM Group), a public awareness and events management firm founded in 2017.  Media Creations (a member of ICOM Group), in which the team helps businesses provide engaging, multi-platform experiences by combining creative thinking with deep data insights. It is a webcast platform enterprise that specializes in comprehensive visual solutions and premium products.  Konzept Lead (International Partner), was founded in 2010, and our collaboration began in 2020.  Konzept Lead is based in Frankfurt, Germany, and is responsible for providing event management, association management, and media production services throughout Europe and the Middle East.  Our partnership with QTC (Regional Partner) began in 2018 with the goal of assisting each other in expanding our businesses in the Gulf region. Our primary focus is on the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and other Middle Eastern countries.


We didn’t just want to invite the right people to the event, but we also wanted to increase and maximize their engagement. Our teams were constantly challenged to find ways to ensure this happened throughout the event’s duration, but thanks to their efforts and dedication, all visitors were deeply engaged with the presentations and videos displayed throughout the event days.


We hope to improve the one-on-one experience and build the relationships that our stakeholders desire in 2022. As ICOM approaches its 25th year in business we believe that one of the most important factors in our success is the satisfaction of our stakeholders, and that is how we intend to constantly flourish and revive.