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We plan events, conferences, meetings and consultations. Our approach boosts revenues, builds attendance, and strengthens program content. No matter the size or location, your event is important and deserves to be in good hands.

Your needs are unique, so you can expect a package of services tailored to you. We craft the event to fit your program and budget, blending cutting-edge technology, sustainable thinking and perfect venues, while keeping ahead of changes as they arise.

Whether your event is large or small, straight-forward or complex, one day or several days in duration, live or virtual, we can make it happen.

With our superior knowledge in the events industry, we can help our clients design any of the following events:

We are passionate about delivering superior, world-class conferences. We truly believe that every congress experience counts. That’s why we proactively manage your conference from start to finish. With all the logistical, financial and creative focus you need, we can cost effectively manage and coordinate your conference with outstanding service and passion

event managementContinuing Education is an important component of healthcare practice and crucial for the community development. And as the Medical Events industry been boosting lately, thus giving us the opportunity to organize meetings and conferences to assist physicians, patients and medical sponsors to raise the population awareness…

ICOM is a global provider for the Continuing Medical Education Events (CMEs), we make sure that the scientific programs get an evaluation for its program, workshops, courses, symposia, seminar and activities to give our physicians, pharmacists and nurses the opportunity to obtain an accreditation for their attendance.

event managementICOM has the knowledge and experience to insure your success from business meetings to corporate events. We are an industry leader in this field, we help corporates hold their corporate events, products launching, stand – alone, corporate meetings, special occasions and ceremonies. We have helped many corporations foster strong relationships with their audiences and employees around the globe.

Your event will be in the hands of an expert as our talented team gives very close attention to every detail and every aspect of your event.

T.E.D is one of the unique services developed through ICOM’s experience in organizing international conferences all over the world.

T.E.D focuses on several services that provide and update researchers with the upcoming international educational events and help seekers by facilitating and processing all travel issues required to attend the event, further to giving special offers.

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