Announcing the 52nd winter ESPRS congress was another challenging step in the long history of the ESPRS just not to skip any year in documenting its prominent effect. Held at the beautiful touristic Sharm Elsheikh, 100+ talks, sessions and panels were given out covering wide range of different topics in plastic surgery, some of which were:

  • Maxillofacial Trauma
  • Hand and Upper Extremity
  • Facial Aesthetic
  • Burns
  • Aesthetic Breast Surgery
  • Head and Neck Reconstruction
  • General Reconstruction & Microsurgery
  • Body Contouring

Each day of the congress was a distinctive one! This year’s version of the ESPRS made plastic surgeons heave a sigh of relief after the long months of narrow chances of learning and educating happened because of the pandemic of COVID-19. A period where Plastic Surgery education opportunities were neglected and not prioritized; But on the other hand, the ESPRS members prioritized the demands of the plastic surgeons all over Egypt by creating a version where 15+ international speakers came hand to hand along with 90+ national ones to share the latest updates and newest events in the plastic surgery market in an accredited congress from the SCEMA with 19 credit hour.

Prof. Fouad Ghareeb, Conference President, quoted “I am pleasured to lead the opening ceremony of the 52nd version of our prominent conference, ESPRS, I wish we enjoy the educational chances provided and the exchange of experience through the informative days of the conference.” 

Some encouraging words from The Honorable Ambassador, Representative of the Arab League, Saied El – Hady “I am happy I’m here today in such an outstanding event, to exchange experience in the cause of improving the Plastic Surgery Field. This congress counts as a chance to highlight the importance of that field. We do support such initiatives and we all seek to get rid of dermatology diseases and plastic surgery related ones in all the Middle East Region.” 

One more success story added to the long history of accomplishments of ICOM Group, one more challenge we were capable of overcoming and one more breakthrough we had witnessed. ICOM team was very pleased to meet the expectations of the ESPRS board members and the hundreds of physicians attended, definitely ready to take any other challenge ahead.