The ESNT board members welcomed their audience to the 40th ESNT Congress, which was held under the topic “Updates in Nephrology Care,” after the ESNT 2021 Congress was a success. This year’s success was owed to the participation of everyone who was interested in sharing their nephrology expertise and research.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, since we are attending the ESNT’s 40th Congress, which was founded years ago thanks to Prof. Abdel Moniem Hassaballah, my late father’s tireless work. Our society is deeply rooted; it was founded decades ago and is unique; under progressive leadership, it evolved and developed various programs for the benefit of our members and the welfare of our patients”. said Prof. May Hassaballah – ESNT Congress President.  

As the most significant emerging technology in the discriminations of medical, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and academia, the goal of the ESNT Congress is to improve nephrology and transplantation knowledge, awareness, and education, leading to the discovery of new nephrology and transplantation therapies that aid in the alleviation of human diseases. Delegates from universities and institutes had the opportunity to meet with world-class professionals at Nephrologists 2022. We were privileged of hosting 21 distinguished International and Arab speakers, who added to the richness of our program.

“First of all, let me express my enthusiasm at seeing such a significant assembly of scientists and delegates. We have about 1K+ representatives from Egypt, as well as Arab and African countries, representing all universities, institutes, and nephrology care providers. This high level of interest and participation shows our society’s important and expanding role in modernizing nephrology practice in the region.  For the next three days, we offer all of our delegates a stimulating program rich with recent field insights and advancements”, quoted Prod. Ayman Refaaey, Congress Secretary & Scientific Chair.

The Nephrology Congress provided an ideal setting for all doctors, professors, researchers, business representatives, and scientists to discuss and present the most recent scientific advances in their fields. The strategic astuteness of the ESNT Congress is to be an event that brings together scientists, physicians, and an international mix of leading universities and nephrology institutions to transform the practice of medicine by incorporating the use of nephrology and renal therapies to control and treat.

ICOM Team has the deepest pleasure to contribute in the organization of this eminent congress and we would like to thank all the board members for giving us this honor.