EDASPIRE- The Second Dialogue Summit on the future of the pharmaceutical industry in Egypt, titled "A New Breakthrough for the Pharmaceutical Industry," is hosted by the "Egyptian Drug Authority"

Within the framework of the Egyptian Drug Authority’s – EDA’s eagerness to advance both the pharmaceutical and medical devices sectors, and consistent with the authority’s vision of achieving Egypt’s self-sufficiency in pharmaceutical products and medical devices, the latter announced the start of activities for Egypt’s second dialogue summit on the future of the pharmaceutical industry, which was held in Luxor Governorate for three days at the end of January 2022 under the title: A new breakthrough for the pharmaceutical industry.

The event was attended by Prof. Dr. Tamer Essam, Chairman of the Egyptian Drug Authority, Prof. Dr. Aiman El-Khatib – Deputy Chairman of the Egyptian Drug Authority, Dr. Mohamed Abdel Qader, Deputy Governor of Luxor, Dr. Naima Al-Qusair, World Health Organization representative in Egypt, Dr. Amr El Shalakany, International Bank representative in Egypt, Dr. Ashraf Ismail, Chairman of the General Authority for Accreditation and Health Control and a member of the Egyptian Drug Authority’s Board of Directors, and Dr. Moselhi Ragab as well as Dr. Mohamed Zakaria Gad, Members of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Drug Authority , in addition to representatives of the Chamber of Pharmaceutical Industry, members of the Egyptian Drug Authority’s Board of Directors, and a group of senior heads of international and local pharmaceutical companies operating in the Egyptian market.

EDA stated that EDASPIRE summit is part of a larger effort to strengthen partnerships with pharmaceutical and medical devices manufacturers, international institutions, official entities, and civil society organizations working in the field of public health, particularly in the field of supporting and developing the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry, through fostering dialogue.

EDA Officials explained that the decision to hold the event in Luxor was made in view of the Egypt’s support and development of Upper Egypt, the promotion of important tourist and archaeological areas, as well as the Authority’s eagerness to support pharmaceutical development in the governorates of Upper Egypt.

In his own words, Prof. Dr. Tamer Essam, Chairman of the Egyptian Drug Authority, thanked the Governor of Luxor for his hospitality and the tremendous support he provided to the summit’s success, emphasizing that the authority is currently seeking to establish headquarters in all governorates of the Republic, and that Luxor will be one of the first governorates to do so soon.

After having the same pleasure with their first event held at El-Galala in August 2021, ICOM team had a distinct owner to oversee the organization of EDA’s second summit, EDASPIRE. We collaborated with the EDA Team to create the most comprehensive event program, which was jam-packed with informative knowledge exchange sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities. This successful collaboration between EDA and ICOM is due to both entities’ strong backgrounds in their respective industries.

We hope to participate in more successful events in the near future.