ECPG Orlap

Anything turns better when its guided, ruled and explained, especially in the medical field, Physicians can take huge steps froward when they have back ups to run to, bylaws to follow and regulations to commit.

So, on the 28th of October the present Egyptian CPG (ECPG) represented an “adapted ECPG-ORLAP volume 1 “ with clear outlined methodology and related references to each guideline written and revised by 253 professor from 28 egyptian universities and rhinology associations, these guidelines represented the first Egyptian medical guidelines with a main aim of providing a safe, evidence based, and effective healthcare services, Leaving an authorized landmark for the future practice of Otorhinolaryngology, Audio-vestibular & Phoniatrics in Egypt.

We’re extremely proud that we, ICOM, took part of launching such an event with those productive, sustainable and aspiring goals.