Hybrid Events are the Industry Lifeline

Hybrid Events are the immediate future of the Event Industry post COVID-19.  Virtual events have gained a lot of ground in the industry over the last few months, and many of the benefits and best practices learned from successful applications won’t soon be forgotten.  However, the thirst for Physical Events still run in our veins.

Although Egypt and the remaining countries are now slowly starting to loosen the lockdown measures, the outbreak is far from over, and when the first Live Events do start to resume, they will look very different.  Specially, with many attendees unwilling or unable to attend, Hybrid Events are the way to go.

In a response to our role as one of the regional market leaders since 22 years.  ICOM Group decided to integrate these new norms and standards aiming to retain the industry and sustain its growth.

So, we started this approach with organizing two Hybrid Events beginning of September 2020 that were NephroAlex & Plast Alex. And now, our team is recharging to execute another sequence of mega events starting with CardioAlex followed by DiaEgypt, RhinoAlex Masters, ACOD, UCHID, EADA and eventually CardioRisk.  All of these huge events will be during October and November 2020 in a Hybrid Format.

Taking all precautions and safety standards in mind, we are confident that our team will create memorable and engaging Hybrid Experience that will give ICOM Group an important competitive edge.