Dyslipidemia 2021

Since 2015, The Cardiovascular Research, Education & Prevention (CVREP) brought together all of the best physicians in the cardiology field to share their experience and to provide proper chances of education just to improve the survival and quality of people life’s with cardiovascular disease.

After many successful launched projects, the dedicated board members decided to allocate “Dyslipidemia” topic as a new one to discuss and acknowledge its updates and on the 28th & 29th of October 2021, “Dyslipidemia Forum 2021” was set into motion! The two days were completely filled with hot discussions and worthwhile insights and interesting debates between well recognized speakers.

Prof. Mohamed Sobhy, Professor of cardiology Alexandria University quoted “CVREP had many projects through-out many years and for the first time I have the pleasure to welcome the first – Dyslipidemia Forum – endorsed by CVREP, with wealthy learning objectives to know the latest updates, improve quality of practice and provide clinical practice.”

DSC02413 (1)

5 international Speakers, 35 national ones in 10 sessions for 15 different topics was the outcome of “Dyslipidemia Forum 2021” and 250+ physician benefited from all of that through the remarkable rich two days.

“And I really appreciate this event’s team effort, I enjoyed the experience with this marvelous team, handling, coordinating, executing, following all went well, Congratulations” Dr. Ahmed ElShal ICOM Chairman motivating words appreciating ICOM teams’ usual efforts to execute every and each event in its most perfect version.