Two heads are better than one, and a large professional team is better than a duet. To put an event on the road to success, you need committed people who are willing to invest their expertise, time, and knowledge into an event success. Be it a small meeting or a large-scale event, the experiences that the attendees have depends on those managing the event.

Last week, ICOM Group had the utmost pleasure to organize one of the biggest events in the middle east that convene all the top cardiologists in Egypt, Middle East and worldwide.

The cardiology community witnessed a very active week due to the inauguration of CardioAlex.21 from 01 – 04 of June at Bibliotheca Alexandrina. This year CardioAlex was significantly special as it marked the 20th edition of this remarkable event. And it was our distinct honor and high privilege to welcome all of our distinguished guests to celebrate in harmony this important milestone in CardioAlex history.

“Organizing a huge conference like ‘CardioAlex’ is not an easy task; it requires a great deal of forward-planning, multi-tasking, time and attention to details, I am really proud of the team who supervises this great event each year”

Putting together a successful conference that leaves a lasting impression can test even the most seasoned of event planners, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed and distracted by the sheer amount of work. But due to the hard work, deliberate efforts and responsibility of each member in ICOM Team, the conference achieved its goals and the event’s success went beyond expected.

CardioAlex.21 Fast Figures & Outcomes:

  • The event operated for 4 days:
    • 3 scientific sessions
    • 1 public awareness
  • 199 hrs of scientific content covering 441 topics.
  • 147 International speakers participating from 30 countries.
  • Total Attendance: +5000 attendees (virtual + physical).
  • International Collaboration: 25 Associations.
  • 2 International Live Cases with ‘Paris SUD & Erasmus MC’.
  • 4 Local Live Transmission Cases.
  • Scientific Accreditation: obtained from the ‘European Board for Accreditation in Cardiology (EBAC) for “27” CME hrs’.

We exhibited new approaches during CardioAlex this year, such as:

  • Joint Sessions:
    • ‘International Method’ featuring 2 International Societies.
    • ‘Egyptian Way’ featuring 5 National Societies.
  • Echocardiography Wall: Placing some screens showcasing the cases of the Echo Track that kept the audience engaged during the whole period of the event.     
  • The event branding was unique and covered new creative ideas representing this year’s theme of celebration “#20yearsofbreakthroughs”.
  • ‘Prevention Team’ was very active during CardioAlex operating their inspection tours each hour to sanitize the floors, stairs handrails, toilets and buffets.

Events Industry is made up of many individuals with experience in niche areas and those who create ‘event magic’ as part of a well-rounded, agile, fast-paced team. In the modern days, dynamic events are complex machines that require a multitude of cogs all working together to get a result. One wheel falling off is unacceptable but if we trust them, then there’s always a solution if we appreciate the value of a well-formed functional team.

“When we are organizing events, on the outside we should look calm and peaceful. But in fact, we are energetically paddling with our feet underwater to keep ourselves afloat. However, no one should find out about that. To do this nowadays, you should be working with an invincible team like ICOM”


We will never forget to thank all the governmental and national entities who participated in the success of the 20th Anniversary of CardioAlex – who we appreciate so much their efforts and assistance during the event duration.

ICOM team is privileged with combining the knowledge and expertise of several members which ensures that each event is unique and also defines our company. Working with a few trustworthy, reliable and resourceful individuals like ICOM members with broad expert knowledge – not simply skills enlargement but skills enrichment – means quick turnaround on decisions, rapid problem solving and being able to meet shorter targets and deadlines by delegating and saving time.

See you soon in further more successful events!