By the beginning of 2022, the whole world had barely maintained its stability from the hit of COVID-19 yet still struggling from its side effects. Others were working since day one to fulfill all society’s needs, either on an educational level, financial level, or even economical one, highlighting that education was one of the main pillars that received a strong tremble.

ANC Conference came to stabilize the educational pillar by fulfilling all the needs of neurologists and physiatrists through instructive 3 days with 38 different sessions, encompassing stroke management and types, pediatric neurology, movement disorders, neuropsychiatric comorbidity, epilepsy, and plenary sessions. The three days included many panels and debates between epic speakers, debating about cerebrovascular disorders, and many other interesting topics, leaving many networking and learning opportunities to all physicians and clinicians there.

And as Prof. Sameh Saied, Conference President, quoted through the first minutes of the conference “Feeling very proud of all the efforts done to create this year’s version, I deeply wish that we’ve met the expectations of all the physicians whom put their trust in the ANC board, this year we increased the number of the accreditation hours from the American Association to 42 hours and we hosted 100 national speakers from all over Egypt, in addition to 14 different international ones”

As Prof. Ali Abdel Mohsen, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, said during the opening ceremony “After attending couple of sessions, I am literally astonished with the quality of the medical content presented and I personally wish the ANC board a successful conference ahead”

The 100 National speakers, 14 international ones besides the respected ANC and ESNPN board collaborated to set this victory into motion and helped 1500+ delegates witness that huge success. Not to forget the junior doctors! ANC board provided them the opportunity to submit their research and present more than 25 abstracts throughout the conference days.

ICOM-ers were proud! proud of every positive feedback that was stated and every piece of information shared, and every chance of learning granted to all the attendees, who gave us their trust to be their source of education.