About Us


Our Vision

To be the world’s most recognized PCO, deliver extraordinary events, inspire the world with our hard work that will help us create a value and make a difference


 To do this, we have established a culture that supports our team members, so they can provide exceptional services to our unique customers and satisfy communities desires and needs with long term returns.

Our Mission

To connect people, places, data and ideas through meetings, events and interactive media, as our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with top quality services.


 Such services establish positive relations and credibility between us and all our clients. Our business offers a wide range of well-designed, innovative and up to date services and products to assist us deliver memorable and engaging events for our clients and their audience.

Meet Our Leaders


Dr. Ahmed El Shal


Mr. Belal El Shal



Amr El Seidy

Chief Technical & Administrative Officer


Hossam Mady

Chief Commercial & Partnership Officer

Salma Darwish

Chief Business Development Officer

Walid Menessi

Chief Operations Officer


Aly Soliman

Chief Financial Officer


Sherine Kamal

Chief Human Resources Officer

Management Message

Dr. Ahmed El Shal

For the past 20 years, ICOM has worked closely with community partners and industry leaders to produce world renowned events within the running industry, being a globally integrated medical, educational, association, communications and event management company.As an IAPCO, ICCA and Ethical Medtech member, we aspire to bring to fruition the organization of congresses, CMEs, corporate events and conventions in a professional manner. Such professionalism will include timeliness, efficiency, financial responsibility and good management.

MR. Belal El Shal

ICOM serves commercial, professional and academic communities in many different sectors by helping them connect and learn, and by creating and providing access to content and intelligence that helps people and businesses work smarter and make better decisions faster.ICOM had the pleasure to be accredited by the European and American societies which enriched the quality of our services, helped us tailor extra ordinary events and meet our client’s expectations. All our success comes from one important thing which is working as one team because team work is the key of success. One of our company’s strongest personality traits is commitment, we are committed to our clients, our team members, our industry and to each other